Planning Kit for Sudbury Schools

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A comprehensive collection of materials designed to aid people in starting Sudbury model schools and in understanding the model in depth. Includes books, in-house publications, CDs , audio books, DVDs, a subscription to the Sudbury Valley School Journal, and many other items.



A Place to Grow

About the Sudbury Valley School

America At Risk

nnouncing a New School 

Clearer View

Constructing Reality

Crisis in American Education

Education in America (temporarily available only in PDF version, to be included on flash drive)

Free at Last 


Kingdom of Childhood 

Legacy of Trust (temporarily available only in PDF version, to be included on flash drive)

Meaning of Education

New Look at Schools

Pursuit of Happiness 

Reflections on the Sudbury School Concept

Starting a Sudbury School 

Sudbury Valley School Experience 

Vanguard of a New World

View From Inside 

Worlds in Creation 


School Publications 

Bird's Eye View of Sudbury Valley

Cyberspace Collection

Expect Excellence

Five Years of the School's Public Relations Campaign – an Overview

Sample School Meeting Records, Journal

Some Theses of 21st Century Graduates

Sudbury Valley School Catalogue 

Sudbury Valley School Diploma

Sudbury Valley School Handbook

Sudbury Valley School Journal, one year subscription 

Sudbury Valley School Management Manual (PDF file to be included on flash drive)  

Sudbury Valley School Promotional Flyer

What It Means to be Staff at a Sudbury School 


Audio CDs (now on flash drive)

Can Children "Learn" Anything at Sudbury Valley? 

Children Come First

Core Ideas of the Sudbury Model

Democratic Schooling: What Harvard Won't Teach You

Do Children Need Guidance?

Elements of a Fair Judicial System

Evening with Three Alumni

Growing Up in a World Transformed

Human Curiosity

Life on the Cutting Edge

Lives of Alumni: A Fortieth Anniversary Celebration

Living in a World Transformed, the 21st Century

Paradigm Shift in Education


Sudbury Valley: A School for Today 

Sudbury Valley - the Easiest School or the Hardest?


SVS 25th Anniversary Retrospective

Tapestry of Themes that Make Up a Sudbury Model School

21st Century Children and the Cyberworld

What Sudbury Valley is About

What, Me Worry?


Audio Books (now on flash drive)

Clearer View: 30th Anniversary Lectures

Free At Last


Video DVDs (now on flash drive)

Educating a Whole Person in Freedom

Evening with Three Alumni

Lives of Alumni; a 40th Anniversary Celebration

Schools of the Future

Sudbury Valley on Television

Sudbury Valley School

Sudbury Valley School: Focus and Intensity

Survival Tools for the 21st Century

SVS 25th Anniversary Retrospective