Living in a World Transformed, the 21st Century

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Audio CD
A talk given by Daniel Greenberg at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Educational Leadership

What education needs is something it rarely gets: a thorough, deep re-examination of its essence – of what it is, and what it means. To do that requires an understanding of human development, and a comprehension of the great historic forces that have shaped human nature and society.

This presentation examines these themes, and how they are linked in unexpected ways to the core meaning of education. It moves on to discuss what they imply for the current framework in which what we call “education” takes place. How can we design education to comply with what we now understand education to mean?

“There’s a definition of education that I don’t think anybody would disagree with and that’s what I’m going to be working with. Education is learning how to survive and to become a productive person in the surrounding environment. That’s basically what we’re all doing. We’re all putting a place into being which we “school” where children learn how to survive and become productive people, but it’s something that we do all our lives. It never stops. It starts really at birth and it ends when we can probably be declared dead. The thing is, a phrase like “lifelong education” is a tautology. You can’t avoid it. We’re all educating ourselves and it never stops.”