21st Century Children and the Cyberworld: The Mind Transformed

Audio CD
A talk by Daniel Greenberg

What kids are doing in the 21st century – and they’re practically born with it now – is, right off the bat, linking into the universal mind. This is the key. Their individual minds have been transformed in the sense that they can use their minds in cooperation with a whole ocean of minds out there.
We are all familiar with how this has transformed our society. The rate of creative invention of new frameworks and new experiences guided by those frameworks has increased steadily. Why? Because the ability of minds to process and create new frameworks and new experiences has grown by working conjointly with other minds focusing on similar matters of current interest to each of them.
So how does that relate to Sudbury Valley? It should be pretty clear by now, because at Sudbury Valley children have all the time in the world to do this.