Introduction to Sudbury Valley

Video DVD
Produced by Mimsy Sadofsky and Daniel Greenberg

This introductory video comprises two elements, both of which present the impressions of former students concerning their experiences at Sudbury Valley. The first part is an impressionistic display of many facets of the School’s daily life and institutions. The second part contains comments by former students, as presented in a public event held at the School.

“We had our own world. We were solid in our own world. It was a world of children. We were so busy. At Sudbury Valley there were always older kids who had done things that the younger group was trying to get to. You automatically wanted to be one of the people who could do it too, so you kept trying until you could do it. Everything was always, ‘You have to get one step further.’ I don't know why. Something naturally makes you want to try. Like tobogganing: Instead of tobogganing down this hill, you would toboggan down the hard hill, or you'd go over the toboggan jump. Or, up at the rocks, you would jump across a wider ravine between two rocks. It was never stagnant. Everything was a challenge.”