Worlds in Creation

by Daniel Greenberg
330 pages

Worlds in Creation is an extensive discussion about how people form their individual conceptions of the world, how they deal with each other socially, and how societies interact. It offers new outlooks on various aspects of psychology, sociology, economics, history, philosophy, linguistics and education.

“What SVS symbolizes is the notion that in post-industrial society, you can have at least as much control as you had in the industrial era without paying the price of brutalization, without making the sacrifice. For the first time, you can remove fear but still live according to your normal, natural instincts. The world went through three or four centuries of the scientific industrial era, worked its way through it, and finally got to the point where humanity has devised enough new world models and enough creative new ways of looking at things that we can have our cake and eat it too. This is a first in the entire history of the human race. There's no point in talking about going back to primitive or prehistoric forms of life, or ‘back to nature’, or anything like that. For the first time, one can think in apocalyptic terms, because it's possible to conquer fear and still be human. At least the hope of it exists, and the reality is almost here.”