A Place to Grow

The Culture of Sudbury Valley School

Daniel Greenberg
249 pages

This book explores the array of principles and practices that have evolved and make up the rich culture that has permeated the school. The Sudbury school model is unique in creating a community that extends to all students the same rights, privileges and responsibilities available to every adult American for the enjoyment of life, liberty and the pursuit of a meaningful life. "All we did was turn the clock back--or, better, forward--and finish the job the Founding Fathers began...by including children in the ringing phrases of the Declaration of Independence."

This act of moving forward has allowed the multi-faceted culture of the school to develop during the first half century of its existence. A Place to Grow is an in-depth exploration of that cultural development.

Sudbury Valley School has become an inspiration for many schools worldwide, and for educators interested in re-thinking traditional school practices.