Turning Learning Right Side Up

Putting Education Back on Track

by Russell L. Ackoff and Daniel Greenberg (Pearson Education, LTD., publishing as Prentice Hall)
196 pages

Over the past 150 years, virtually everything has changed except education. In this book, two of this generation’s most provocative thinkers and practical doers have re-imagined education from the ground up. They draw on the latest scientific research, the most enduring human wisdom, and their unique personal experiences transforming institutions that resist change. They offer a powerful blueprint for a thriving society of passionate lifelong learners.

“We have tried to present a rationale for a fundamental redesign of our national educational system – a design that will produce citizens who can reverse the devolutionary trends in our society today. We have tried to design a system that will produce people who will engage in continuous self-development and exercise responsible and creative citizenship.

“Although our design is ideal seeking, every aspect of it has been used successfully, just not yet at the scale that meets the national need. We have written this book in the hope that it will encourage and facilitate the scaling up.”