Announcing a New School…

A Personal Account of the Beginnings of the Sudbury Valley School

by Daniel Greenberg
314 pages

The process of starting the school, from the first thoughts through the working out of the ideas and the building of a founding group, to the beginning year of the school and its struggles. This is a must-read for anyone contemplating stepping off the beaten track that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“You just cannot start a school that’s in any way different from the ongoing establishment unless you’ve got the backing within the community. You can’t just walk in and start something—if you do, you’ll be ridden out on the next rail. You’ve got to have somebody in the community behind you, and really behind you. If you have that, you’ve got the most important single factor you need in order to get started. We knew that and it was from that moment on that the idea of starting a school made sense.”