Summer Special

Get these publications in paperback and in PDF version, both.


This SPECIAL includes some of the most recent publications from Daniel Greenberg, as well as a book documenting the staff at the school’s half-century mark.

A Place to Grow
“A Place to Grow, The Culture of Sudbury Valley School” explores in depth the multi-faceted culture that developed in the school during the first half-century of existence.

Constructing Reality
“Constructing Reality, The Most Creative of All the Arts” is about, first and foremost, the process each person goes to in forming a world view, and re-forming that world view over and over as their knowledge of the world expands and deepens. It is the art each of us indulges in from birth.

The Meaning of Education
This book articulates the many strands that, together, form the fabric of education. In the end, education is learning how to survive, and become a productive person, in the surrounding environment.

America At Risk
“America At Risk, How Schools Undermine Our Country’s Core Values”, examines our country’s core values from the time of the Declaration of Independence, and how these values are being eaten away in the culture of the 21st century.

Vanguard of a New World
“Vanguard of a New World, Sudbury Valley School’s Staff at the Half-Century Mark” examines how the lives and background of our staff bring life to the school in the 21st century. Several of the staff are founders and others have joined as the years went by, but all have fascinating stories.